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Keep your driving SAFE - Drivesafely

Keep your driving SAFE

Keep your driving SAFE

Our campaign focuses on encouraging drivers to keep their speed SAFE, meaning:

* Suitable speed

* Appropriate speed

* Fitting behaviour

* Economical driving.

Suitable speed

Motorists should always drive safely and within the speed limit. They should also drive at a speed within their capabilities and not feel pressurised by others.

Appropriate speed

Speed limits are a maximum, not a target.  There are times when driving at the speed limit is inappropriate or too fast for the road conditions, such as:

* when the road layout or conditions present a hazard, for example, a bend

* near schools, shopping areas, train stations and other areas of high pedestrian traffic

* when vulnerable road users, such as cyclits, horse riders or pedestrians, are likely to be in the road

* during adverse wearther conditions, such as rain, fog or ice

* or any combinations of these factors.

Fitting behaviour

Driver behaviour should respect the road conditions and other road users. Driving too fast or inappropriately for the conditions can be dangerous and put all road users at risk. This is not fitting driving behaviour.

Economical driving

Driving economically is not only safer but will also help individuals reduce their fuel costs. Small changes, such as driving smoothly, slowing down and avoiding unnecessary braking, can encourage fuel-efficient driving. For more information visit the Energy Trust by clicking here.

Excessive or inappropriate speed increases both the likelihood of a collision and the severity of the injuries resulting... It causes distress and infuriates residents, whether they live in the town or country...  People who choose to drive at an inappropriate speed put themselves and all other road users in danger.

We are advertising this message to the motorists of Bedfordshire, including radio advertising, adverts in Newspapers, bus backs and roadside matrix signs.