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Don't pay the Penalty

Many people will enjoy a few drinks while they are watching the football this June and July.  However, it takes time for alcohol to pass through the body and therefore, you may still be over the limit the next morning especially if you are drinking late at night.


To calculate roughly how long it takes for alcohol to pass through the body you need to know how many units you have consumed. 

To work out units there is an easy sum:


ABV (%) X ML EG. 1 pint of Premier lager 5 X 568 = 2.84 so 3 Units



It takes one hour for each unit to pass for your body break down the alcohol.  However, it also takes an hour for the first unit to get into your blood system.  Therefore if you drank 3 pints of Premier lager during one of the late night matches and you finish your last pint just after the end of the match it would take 13hrs for your body to break down the alcohol and you may not be safe to drive until after 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

 Although you may feel fit to drive, it is highly likely that the morning after you won’t be fit to drive. The drink drive limit is 35 micrograms in 100 millilitres of breath or 80 milligrams in 100 millilitres of blood.

 Don’t drink and drive delay your journey if necessary

 Penalties for drinking and driving are

  • ·         a minimum of 12 months driving ban,
  • ·         a criminal record,
  • ·         a fine of up to £5000 and
  • ·         an endorsement on your driving license for 11 years

However the penalties are not the only consequences of being caught drink driving.  Others include

  • ·         increase in car insurance costs,
  • ·         loss of your job,
  • ·         trouble getting into countries like the USA,
  • ·         the shame of a criminal record,
  • ·          loss of independence

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