Biker Down

Biker Down is a course delivered by RTCTOs ( Road traffic collision reduction officers) for motorcyclists. The course includes 4 modules

Module 1: First on Scene- This module includes an overall introduction onto the course followed by detailed input on what you do if you arrive at the scene of a road traffic collision and in particular  to be aware of the hazards, how to stay safe, how to make the scene safe for other and to ensure that the emergency services are called promptly and proviveded with relevant and accurate information.

Module 2: First Aid- This module covers basic live saving first aid techniques that can be applied when arriving first on scene. This covers a basic assessment of the casualties to ensure aid is given to those in most need and basic techniques to manage the airway, breathing and circualtion of casualties  to keep them alive until expert medical assistance arrives. This module also includes a pratical session on 'motorcycle helmet' removal and allows participants to practice the correct technique required for this.

Module 3: Avoiding The Collision - This module describes the most common causes of road traffic collisions involving motorcyclist and provides advice on guidance on advanced riding techniques that can be used to reduce the risk of being involved in a road traffic collision.


Module 4: The law- The Law- This module various covers aspect of the law in relation to road traffic collisions.


To book on to the Biker Down course email or call 01234 845000 and ask for one of the Biker Down Team

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